FIRST AIRED: March 20, 2018

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>> I received assurances that his firing is not even under consideration.>> House Speaker Paul Ryan tried to put out the fire Tuesday after President Donald Trump ignited new fears he may try to force out Special Counsel Robert Muller.>> The special counsel should be free to follow through his investigation to its completion without interference.
>> Ryan also becoming the latest high profile Republican to issue Trump a warning. This after Trump unleashed a torrent of tweets over the weekend directly targeting Mueller and his probe into Russia's role in the 2016 elections.>> We have a system based upon the rule of law in this country.
We have a justice system and no one is above that justice system.>> Ryan's words follow similar statements from GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy and Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham said firing Mueller would be quote, the beginning of the end for Trump's presidency. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell chumming in later on Tuesday.
>> Bob Mueller should be allowed to finish his job.>> And also,->> Trump's sudden firing of former FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe on Friday, and changes to his legal team, are keeping the Nation's Capitol on edge. On Monday, Trump hired controversial lawyer, Joseph DiGenova, a familiar presence on cable TV.
DiGenova has alleged that the FBI and the Justice Department conspired to frame Donald Trump with a quote, false Russian conspiracy. The White House on Monday said Trump is not looking to get rid of Mueller, but acknowledged his tweets reflected some quote, well-established frustration over the Russia probe. Trump has repeatedly referred to Mueller's probe as a witch hunt and denies any collusion between Moscow and his campaign.
Mueller's probe has returned indictments against several members of Trump's campaign and 13 Russians accused up interfering in the race. On Tuesday, Trump said he called President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on his election victory this week, and suggested the two would meet in the not too distant future.