FIRST AIRED: March 20, 2018

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>> This is the start of another busy week here in the Senate.>> Democrats and Republicans in Congress are once again scrambling for a deal to avoid a federal government shutdown, with funding set to expire at midnight on Friday.>> The Republican leader and I have come to an arrangement.
>> But wait, these white knuckle showdowns on Capitol Hill were supposed to be over and done with after the two sides reached a two-year budget deal last month. So what happened? US politics editor, Karen Bohan.>> Well, one of the reasons we're here again is that the Congress has failed to pass a broader budget called an omnibus.
And they have been passing a series of short term measures to keep the government open. A lot of the issues holding up a deal on the omnibus have to do with immigration. President Trump very much wants his funding for the border wall, and he is willing to give some ground on the issue of the dreamers.
But Democrats say that a temporary reprieve is not enough.>> The wall along the southern border with Mexico was the centerpiece of President Donald Trump's campaign and has wide support with his base. But Democrats broadly oppose it. Democrats are also balking at a GOP plan to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on beds for detention centers.
And their demand for thousands of new border guards is also controversial, some Democrats calling it a, quote, militarization of the border. If that wasn't enough, there's a separate impasse over a major rail tunnel that would link New Jersey and Manhattan, a pet project of Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer.
Trump has threatened to veto the spending bill if it includes money for the $11 billion tunnel. If no deal is reached before the deadline, it would bring the third federal shutdown this year. Nobody seems to want that though. Number two Senate Democrat Dick Durban promised Sunday, it won't happen.
>> If they reach a deal, it would last for six months, which would mean they wouldn't have to have another one of these fights until the fall.>> But right now, exactly how another shutdown is avoided is anyone's guess.