FIRST AIRED: March 17, 2018

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>> All rise.>> By now it's a familar ritual. Democrats and Republicans facing an imminent deadline to keep the federal government funded past next Friday. And a nasty fight over immigration standing in the way of a deal. But this time it's not young immigrants known as dreamers who are caught in the middle.
The latest deal breaker, a Republican push to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on detention centers to hold immigrants awaiting deportation. Rick Cowan is reporting the story.>> There's several real hot points in the Bill that Republicans are pushing on immigration policy. One is they want to do a big increase in the number of for detentions.
President Trump promised to clamp down on the number of illegal immigrants undocumented people who are in the United States and expand the number of people that they go after. And if you're gonna go after more people and arrest them, you're going to have to house them somewhere. And so you need more beds at detention centers.
Problem is it's pretty controversial. There are Democrats who are pretty opposed to what he wants to do and so there's a big fight.>> We have to strengthen our borders.>> Republicans also want more agents along the Mexican border.>> Just for this Bill, they want money to hire about 1,500 additional agents, part of a huge build up, something like maybe 15,000 additional agents.
It’s what Democrats call a militarization of the border.>> And then there's the wall. Republicans want $1.6 billion to begin construction on President Trump's signature campaign pledge. With Democrats pushing back.>> Leadership in both the House and Senate were meeting furiously to try to reach a deal. They're going to have to come to some agreement on these issues.
>> If not, another shutdown could loom next Friday at midnight.