FIRST AIRED: March 23, 2018

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>> Luke Hoyer was among the students killed in the Parkland massacre. His friend, Madeline Gaffney, hid in the closet while bullets tore through Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The rampage took 17 lives and Gaffney is left to cope with the trauma of that day in February.>> I don't believe it.
I still think that Luke's coming home and that I'm still gonna see Luke walking every weekend, It's just, it's not real to us, so it's hard to talk about it sometimes.>> Hard as it may be, it's not stopping Gaffney. Her trauma and her pain are pushing her, along with other Parkland survivors, to join hundreds of thousands on Saturday's March for Our Lives to demand stricter gun laws.
>> I want all assault rifles, like the AR-15, to be banned. I don't think that they should be accessible to anyone.>> I think we need more mental health checks, more background checks.>> Powerful, dangerous weapons off the streets.>> I want Congress to just keep communicating and keep talking.
>> 18 year old Diego Pfeiffer is working with a small group of student activists behind the Never Again Movement, a multi pronged effort to shape gun legislation. They struck while the iron was hot, putting pressure on Florida lawmakers to pass a school safety bill raising the legal age for buying rifles from 18 to 21.
>> Florida legislation, it's a lot of fluff and it is a first step but it's not a journey. And that's what we're on.>> That journey included a nationwide school walkout earlier this month.>>
And after the match on Washington, it's time for phase two. According to Pfeiffer, that's continuing to give voice to the victims.
Using social media as a platform, continuing to press Congress to act.>> Shame on you.>> And mobolizing the country's youth to vote for candidates with their interests in mind.>> Voting is not an adult thing, it's your thing.>> It's 17 angels.>> And with the Parkland tragedy etched into the minds of students likey Gaffney and Pfeiffer, they say they're not backing down until there are stricter gun laws.
>> Happened somewhere or another, I hate how it happened and how it did. But we need to make good out of it.