FIRST AIRED: March 16, 2018

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>> In Montana, in Alabama, and now in Pennsylvania, Democratic voters are turning out in droves, a clear warning sign for Republicans who hope to keep their grip on Congress in the November elections.>> We got this! Let's go, baby!>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where political analysts say President Trump and his Republicans should be alarmed by Democrat Connor Lamb's apparent upset in a Pennsylvania race that was supposed to be an easy layup for the GOP.
Republicans like Paul Ryan say there's nothing to be worried about. But it's a different conversation behind closed doors. Party operatives say it's the toughest environment they've seen in decades. They're urging incumbents to start raising money and shaking hands now if they want to survive. Since Trump took office in 2017, Democrats have posted strong results in a string of special elections.
Picking up a Senate seat with the election of Doug Jones in Alabama. Winning dozens of state legislature seats across the country. Even when they didn't win, Democratic turnout surged in conservative states like Kansas, Montana, and Utah. That trend only reinforced by Tuesday's race. Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone battled to a virtual tie in a blue color district that Trump carried by 20 points in the last election.
His push for tariffs to protect the state's steel industry not enough to seal the deal.>> We celebrate regaining our voice and our vote. In the great business of governing this country we love. Thank you.>>
>> Democrats need to pick up 24 seats to retake the house of Representatives, and they don't even need to win in conservative strongholds like southwest Pennsylvania to reach that goal.
Analysts say there are roughly 120 Republican-held seats that offer a better terrain for the Democrats.>> House Speaker Paul Ryan says people shouldn't read too much into the one special election, noting that Lamb ran as a centrist at odds with his party's liberal leaders.>> I just don't think you're gonna see that across the country.
>> But the race is already having a ripple effect. Down in Florida, a potential Republican candidate named David Jolly said on Tuesday that he's gonna sit this election out. Dozens of GOP incumbents have already decided not to seek another term. And if more opt to retire, Republicans could face even tougher prospects in November.