FIRST AIRED: February 19, 2018

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>> The final moments of what's being called the cruise from hell. Police ferry away some of the 23 passengers kicked off a Carnival South Pacific voyage after a series of wild brawls with security staff. That was on Friday, and the world's largest cruise operator has been in damage control since.
Now it's announced an investigation into what happened with a particular focus on how its bouncers reacted. In a statement Monday, it described the violence, which cut the ten-day trip short, as unprecedented. Much of it was captured on video and posted to social media, with some onboard feeling Carnival's muscle has a lot to answer for.
>> The security, I saw them hit. I also saw them hit a younger girl who saw her mum getting hit. So she was in distress saying stop hitting, stop hitting. And then they hit her across the face.>> Others say the group was looking to cause a stir.
>> Yeah, just anything to make trouble. And it just took until what, the last day, to ruin everyone's trip and ruin my honeymoon. So it was terrible.>> Carnival hasn't said when the investigation will wrap up. It has, however, apologized to guests and offered them a 25% cruise credit for future trips.
Those customers will now need to decide if they can look past this PR nightmare.