FIRST AIRED: February 26, 2018

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>> The cryptocurrency craze over the last year has seen wild swings in the virtual tender, making fortunes for some while others have lost heavily. The excitement has attracted a new class of ordinary investors, dubbed by long time crypto-users as the newbs, who are hoping to get a piece of the action.
Personal finance writer J.R. Duren, who researched digital currencies for work and caught the crypto bug, is one of them.>> I was like a lot of people who weren't involved in tech or weren't involved in any kind of software development, who may or may not have heard of Bitcoin before or bought some, and that it was this kind of mysterious currency.
And so it was like, okay, well this is super interesting and I want to cover it because it's moved outside of that core of investors and software experts and tech people to average people like me. Now, come December, around Christmas time, got a check in the mail from my grandpa, the trusty yearly $50 for Christmas, right?
And I thought, okay, well, I'm gonna use this $50, I'm gonna buy myself some light coin through Coinbase, and we'll see what happens. And at that point it was $250. And I told myself, look, okay, if this drops, then you need to buy some because it goes back up.
So it got to that point where it was 170. I told my wife, honey, we have a credit care that has 0% APR for the next six months, so it's not gonna cost us anything in theory. So that's what we did, I remember checking my phone and going to bed and it was at 116, then waking up it was 140, and then a couple days later I would go to bed and it was 120, until one point it got down to $100, if I remember correctly.
So I was like, okay, I'm not gonna buy anymore, I'm just gonna ride this out. This is what happens with crypto. And as the last month or so has shown, prices did go back up. I think right now they're around $200. I mean, it's tough. It's a tough thing but I think it's an exciting thing.
And obviously I think it's a worthwhile thing because we still haven't sold. It just seem very interesting to me and I'm sticking with it for now.