FIRST AIRED: February 25, 2018

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>> The pageantry of the Winter Olympics closing ceremony was a bittersweet moment for Russian athletes. The fresh doping violations that surfaced against two of them in PyeongChang last week dashed hopes that their punishment for years of past scandals would be lifted, and that they'd be able to march under their flag once more.
And the crackdown also had a noticeable effect on the Russians allowed to compete this year. Ossian Shine is there for Reuters.>> Absolutely, the IOC's punishment has had a massive impact on the Russian team or the athletes of Russia. This is a country, who with the Soviet states in the past, has won more Olympic winter medals than any other country.
They finished 13th in the medal standings this time with just two gold medals. They've been very compliant with every IOC direction. They've attended every IOC briefing. This is a very different Russia that we are seeing.>> The defiant Russian hockey team still sang the banned national anthem after their gold medal victory over Germany.
Their fans carrried on with their singing into the street.
> For North and South Korea, it's also been an event with mixed emotions. Overtures of unity instead ended with protests against the North's delegation as it arrived for the festivities. And it was also overshadowed by new US sanctions again the North, putting Seoul in a tricky position between extending an olive branch and staying strong with its Washington ally.
Yet, for most competitors it was still all about the gold.>> Broadly speaking, these Olympics have been way more political than the previous versions in recent years. The North Korean cheerleaders were something of a celebrity sideshow here. But once the North Korean contingent left, and went back north of the border, the sport got in the way, it was very much a story of sporting Olympics.
>> 16 days of sport have come to an end.