FIRST AIRED: February 25, 2018

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We've seen a lot of shootings out there. We've seen what's happened here in Parkland. We've seen what happened in Las Vegas. We saw what happened in Orlando. And for me personally it pains me to know that I went out there willing to defend my country. Willing to give everything with almost the exact same weapon that's used to go out there and unfortunately kill children here in Parkland.
And I think there's a very real opportunity here for response, and here for action. And that's what really brought me to my change of heart in talking about this. I just can't stand And to see that personally. What I love about my president is that he is a man of action.
And I can tell you that, as veterans and soldiers, when we see a chance to save life, we don't hesitate. We don't have a conversation. We go out there and do it. I think that's what the travel ban has been all about. It's been about saving lives in our community and in our country.
Let's take that exact same model. Let's get back to the American people, after this pause, with sensible regulation, with sensible solutions, because we are gonna look at this in a very real way. It made sense in the case of terrorists coming into this country. I think it should make sense in looking at guns.