FIRST AIRED: February 20, 2018

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>> Pennsylvania's top court unveiled a new map of the state's Congressional voting districts. A move that could give Democrats the chance to gain control of the hotly contested swing state in November's midterm election. In January, the state supreme court threw out the existing map drawn out by Republicans in 2011 due to gerrymandering, the process by which district lines are manipulated to favor one party.
Reuters's correspondent Joseph.>>
] congressional districts have long been seen as some of the most gerrymandered in the country. The old map hadn't any of these districts that these incredibly convoluted shapes, the seventh in particular which had been called Goofy kicking Donald Duck because of the way it looks.
There were sections of the district that were so narrow in some parts that they were the width of a single property. One of the interesting things about the new map is that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania had said that they wanted the criteria for the new map to be things like compactness, things like maintaining communities not splitting municipalities into pieces.
>> Democrats have been closely watching the redistricting battle with several U.S. states including Wisconsin and Maryland going to court over gerrymandering. That's because Democrats have a lot at stake.>> Democrats need 24 seats in November nationally, to take back the House from Republicans. And the new map makes it likely that they'll pick up I would think three to four seats almost at a minimum.
And as many as six, just in Pennsylvania alone.>> Republicans are fighting back. They have already signaled they will file a federal lawsuit challening the Pennsylvania decision. President Donald Trump also encouraged Republicans to sue. Referring to the map on Twitter Tuesday, he said, quote, your original was correct!
Don't let Dems take elections away from you so that they can raise taxes and waste money!