FIRST AIRED: February 25, 2018

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lta and United Airlines on Saturday, becoming the latest corporate giants to boycott the National Rifle Association in the wake of the recent Florida High School massacre. In separate statements, the airlines said they will be scrapping special discounts for NRA members and made it clear they no longer want to be associated with the pro-gun lobbying group.
Reuters' Breaking News Editor Rod Cox says they are not alone.>> Companies that are associated with the National Rifle Association are also seeing a huge blowback at the moment. So, you've seen in the last 24 hours companies including a bank in Omaha sever it's ties with the NRA.
They were the provider of NRA branded credit cards. You've seen an insurance company Chubb, which will no longer provide insurance that's made available to NRA members. And then there's a whole bunch of consumer companies like Alamo Rent a Car, a hotel company, others who basically have been giving discounts to NRA members.
They've said we're severing our ties. Like any civil rights movement you have an element of boycotts and protests. And I think that's what's happening right here, right now, with America's gun industry.>> And the list keeps getting longer. By Friday MetLife, Hertz, Avis Budget and software security firm Symantec all said they would sever ties with the NRA as well.
>> This time may be different for one very obvious reason and that's look at the victims. These are high school kids. They are going to be tomorrows customers for all banks, for all fund managers, for all companies. They are your demographic, they are the ones who are gonna be sending their investments to you.
They're the ones who are gonna be buying your products and they are right now standing up en masse and saying that they're not gonna take it anymore.>> Financial giant BlackRock, one of the biggest shareholders in gun makers, such as Sturm Ruger, said this week it wants to talk to gun makers to quote, understand their response to the latest shooting.
While the deep-pocketed gun industry is likely to keep on fighting against gun control, this time it faces a formidable foe, Cox says, the American consumer.