FIRST AIRED: February 12, 2018

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>> Global investors came back from the weekend in a much better mood, after suffering through the worst week for stocks in two years.>> I'm Conway Gittens in New York. The Dow Jones Industrials went straight up Monday rallying 410 points, led by the sectors that are likely to benefit from the new infrastructure plan released by President Trump.
And it all happened without the wild fluctuations investors had to endure last week. Monday resulted in the stock market's first back to back gains since the report earlier this month on wages stoked inflation fears. The buying came as investors appeared to be reassessing their portfolios, says Reuters' investments reporter, David Randall.
>> US investors took $23.9 billion out of stock funds last week, which is the largest outflow on record. At the same time, they moved some money into treasuries. But actually, the amount that went into treasuries declined from the week before. So they're kinda moving away from both stocks and bonds at the same time.
And instead, they're going to other places. They're going to cash, they're going to international funds, and they're going to merchant market stocks.>> And investors are also deciding what to do in light of the big spending plans coming out of Washington, which will be paid for through increased government borrowing.
>> It does kinda put a lot of supply into the bond market. And it's gonna push inflation up higher, so it's also gonna prod the Fed to have to tighten maybe faster than they did before.>> Investors get the latest clues on inflation, Wall Street's least favorite word these days, later this week.
If the new reports confirm recent inflation fears, the stock market could be right back to those stomach-churning swoons that left investors dazed during last week's extremely volatile spiral.