FIRST AIRED: February 15, 2018

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>> The Donald Trump, and type it began as something of a bromance. For the US and Turkish leaders now, well it's complicated. US Secretary of State Rex Tillotson in Anchor on Thursday, and there could be some awkward conversations. The two NATO allies have starkly diverging interests when it comes to Syria, explains Roeter's Turkey correspondent David Dolan.
>> The United States sees the YPG Syrian Kurds as their best partner, the most reliable ally on the ground in the fight against Islamic State. And Turkey sees the YPG as a terrorist organization, and an extension of the PKK, the target is likely going to revolve around that sticking point.
The US wants to keep funding the YPG in Turkey, wants a complete break there. It's very hard to see in easy way out of that.>> Things have been going sour for some time. Turkey has angry the US won't extradite who they blame for the failed coup in 2016.
A brawl in Washington D.C lead to the US issuing arrest warrants for security detail. Turkey detained some US diplomatic staff last year. The granting of visas was briefly suspended.>> The United States is deeply troubled by the federal->> An anchorer doesn't take too kindly to U.S. criticism on it's post coup crackdown on opposition and the media.
According to a poll published this week, 83% of Turks now view the US unfavorably.>> Relations are some of their worst in recent memory, and we see that playing out on almost a daily basis. Whether it's in the speeches from president Tayyip Erdoğan where he singles out the US critically, sometimes in very scolding language.
Or whether it's some of his deputies, or it's the headlines and the pro-government media, which see the United States as a negative force against Turkey, particularly in Syria.>> This complicated chapter, now to be enshrined in a street name. This week, the mayor of Ankara approved re-naming the road outside the US Embassy as Olive Branch.
It may sound friendly enough, but that's also the name of Turkey's military campaign in Syria, which seized the old allies on opposing sides.