FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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new project your data the battle over privacy between apple in the U. S. government moving from San Bernardino to Brooklyn that's where the justice department may again ask apple to hack into an iPhone this time for a drug related case it you know apple through legal discovery could try to push the government to reveal how it was able to unlock the iPhone understand Bernard you know shooter writers legal correspondent Dan Levine explains the significant , love apple was able to find out what that one is still be able to patch it and then take law enforcement can't use it many other few , apple would likely seek to question FBI agent around and perhaps , other government officials about who they hired to get into December nineteen else phone what techniques they used whether it was breaking into the software or breaking into the hardware all those kind of technical details apple would want to try to learn , show that the government has other ways of getting into the song doesn't have to , apple supported by most of the tech industry said anything that helped authorities bypassed security features will undermine security for all of its users , according to a court filing the justice department will disclose over the next few weeks whether it will compel apple to help access the iPhone in the Brooklyn case