FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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mtn after deadly terror attacks in Brussels San Bernardino and parrot a majority of Americans now say that torture can be justified , that's according to a new Reuters Ipsos poll out Wednesday writer pulling editor Chris con about twenty five percent of Americans say that torture and often be justified to extract information from suspected terrorists , welcome Sonya about nearly two thirds of Americans can imagine a situation in which courts will be justified to extract information , only about fifteen percent they torture should never be , terrorism emerged as a top issue for Americans after the Paris attacks in November at the same time Donald Trump surge in popularity among Republican primary voters don't tell me it doesn't work torture works okay folks don't you don't you know I have these guys torture doesn't work believe me it works OK we should go much stronger than what it what it that's the way I feel while Republicans are more accepting of torture elastic right of an issue than you might think eighty two percent of Republicans , at eighty two percent of almost all of them among Democrats were talking about fifty three percent they could sometimes are often been testified that much for the Republicans but that's still a majority I'm proud to have been part of the administration that ban torture president Barack Obama ended the use of so called enhanced interrogation techniques such as waterboarding when he took office in two thousand nine